Radio Frequency Smoothing Therapy

This non-invasive treatment is ideally suited for small pockets of fat or tightening skin that may be sagging due to weight loss in areas such as the stomach, thighs and neck.

When radio frequency energy meets collagen it stimulates the collagen to contract and tighten and also stimulates the production of new collagen fibres thereby leading to a tightening of the skin. In addition when radio frequency energy meets fat the resistance and heat causes the breakdown of fats and fluid aiding natural removal by the body’s physiological system.

For optimal fat reduction and body smoothing, ultrasonic cavitation will break down the fat cells and then radio frequency will be employed for body contouring, fat burning and improvement in the skin’s texture and appearance.

The perfect treatment before a special occasion or holiday so that your body looks slimmed and toned!

Treatment times do vary depending on the area to be treated. Each RF session is normally 30-40 minutes which does not include the initial consultation and preparation time.