DERMATUDE Dual Action rejuvenation

Dermatude achieves improvements to skin condition thanks to radical new Medical and Esthetical tissue Activating (Meta) therapy that combines digitally controlled micro-needling with active serums. The pain-free dual action treatment uses micro -needles to activate the body’s natural healing process, simultaneously delivering active ingredients past the outer most layers of the epidermis and into the living cells where they are most effective.​

As a result the skin becomes firmer, fine lines and wrinkles are visibly improved, pores become refined, circulation is stimulated and the overall condition of the skin is vastly improved.

How Dermatude works

Dermatude’s micro needle modules penetrate the epidermis creating thousands a of micro-perforations per second. The creation of these perforations enables the delivery of sserum subjectables direct into the stratum basal layer where they are most effective. This also triggers the body’s natural healing response.

Why the Stratum Basale Layer

The stratum basale is the deepest of the five layers of the epidermis, which is the outer, protective covering of the skin. The epidermis is continuously renewing cells from the straum basale to replenish the epidermal layers. The stratum basale is also the layer that picks up the most nutrients from the underlying dermal blood vessels. The stratum basale is primarily made up of basal keratinocyte cells, which migrate upwards where they die and form the skin’s surface – the stratum corneum.

How Channel help make the subjectables more effective

The epidermis, the uppermost layer of the skin (0.05-0.1mm) protects the body from environmental elements. It also naturally blocks the entry of substances into the body. The top layer of the skin is made up of dead comeocytes which are tightly connected by a lipid bi-layer. These are non-hydrophilic, stopping water soluble elements from passing through. The Dermatude micro-needles are designed to channel the subjectable during the treatment directly through the outermost protective layers of the epidermis and into the stratum basalae, where they are most effective.

How the body heals itself

When Dermatude penetrates the skin the micro-needles create controlled damage so that just the epidermis is affected. This creates an inflammation reaction which initiates the release of interleukins and growth factors that vastly improves the condition of the skin. Skin is firmer,fine lines and wrinkles are visibly improved, pores become refined and circulation is stimulated. As the needle depth is set at a maximum of 0.5mm no anaesthetic is needed and bleeding is unlikely as there is no blood supply in the epidermis. 


Dermatude can be booked as a stand alone facial or as a course for optimal benefits. The benefits can also be increased when used in conjunction with the A-Lift facial  For more information visit www.